Discover South Kesteven visitor guide launches for 2020

A glossy 2020 Discover South Kesteven visitor guide has been launched by InvestSK to showcase the district.

The 64-page guide is the latest step in an ongoing campaign to put the district on the tourism map, attract visitors from far and wide and encourage local people to re-discover what’s on the doorstep.

South Kesteven’s 3.4 million annual visitors now generate nearly £189m within the district economy, securing 2,700 jobs. The 2017-18 figures added an impressive extra £3m of spend compared to 2016-17.

“Few destinations in Lincolnshire offer such an exciting and diverse array of things to see and do as South Kesteven”, says Cllr Rosemary Trollope-Bellew in her introduction to the guide as the council’s Cabinet Member for Culture.

She lists attractions including scarecrow festivals to England’s great Elizabethan house at Burghley. Corby Glen’s ancient sheep fair, aviation heritage and Woolsthorpe Manor as the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton the world’s great scientist.

“We really do have an amazing district, one that continues to draw people from all over the country and all over the world,” said Cllr Trollope-Bellew.

“Our new Visitor Guide is an invaluable method of illustrating just what we have to offer, encouraging those who live here to discover what’s on their doorstep and attract those from further afield.”

The guide, produced by the visitor economy team within InvestSK, South Kesteven District Council’s economic growth company, has full features on Treasured Homes and Gardens, South Kesteven’s market towns and its cultural heritage – . from museums to churches

Aviation heritage and SKDC’s Isaac Newton-inspired Gravity Fields Festival are showcased alongside film and TV locations.  There is also an update on The Explorers Road, opening up visitor attractions and accommodation either side of the A1 to the travel trade from Germany to America and New Zealand.

Picnics, culinary delights, old curiosity shops,  local arts and crafts, parks and animal attractions also figure large, with a directory of accommodation.

Further supplies can be obtained from the tourist information centres in Stamford & Grantham or larger quantities on request – just email

Click to view a digital version of the brochure.