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South Kesteven benefits from a strongly performing education sector, with an enviable choice of options for students of all ages and abilities.

The district currently has over 50 primary schools and 10 state secondary schools. Additional primary and secondary schools are in the pipeline, to serve the growing population.

As well as having eight independent schools, South Kesteven boasts a number of outstanding state schools, including some excellent secondary schools offering the Grammar school system (which requires 11+ entry exam). Our grammar and independent schools achieve consistently high attainment levels.


Further and Higher Education

South Kesteven has six universities within an hour’s travel, and two Further Education Colleges in Grantham and Stamford are well established in the area. It continues to build on strong links to the University of Lincoln, Bishop Grosseteste University and University Centre Peterborough.

In 2019, a new University Technology and Innovation Centre is set to open in Grantham’s prestigious Cinema Quarter development. This ground-breaking partnership between the Council and the University of Lincoln was made possible thanks to a £2 million grant from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP).


Businesses are flourishing in South Kesteven and this growth is set to continue apace as ever more innovative, world-leading companies of all sectors realise the benefits of being based here.

To future-proof our great aspirations, we must develop, retain and attract the right talent. Giving companies the tools they need to progress increases prosperity and creates exciting opportunities for everyone.

High quality training provision and skills development is vital to sustain the district’s exciting economic growth. We’re working alongside other specialist agencies to focus on three key areas:

Skills for Young People

To develop a rich and relevant talent pool that meets employers’ needs, we’re working in collaboration with South Kesteven’s businesses and education providers to increase the aspirations of young people throughout South Kesteven, preparing them for employment and building valuable life skills.

Our ongoing support of Inspire+ (an award-winning charity which provides leadership training and opportunities to secondary school students) is another element of our work to ensure that young people throughout South Kesteven have the opportunity to flourish here.

Post-16 training

Our commitment to inspire young people to fulfil their potential here in South Kesteven continues long after they leave school; it applies to anyone post full-time education.

Working with businesses and education providers, we’re encouraging apprenticeships, degree and higher level apprenticeships and higher education opportunities. As well as helping bring both parties together, we’re supporting businesses across all sectors to reap the benefits of these schemes; offering a route to harness fresh new talent, retrain existing staff and tackle skill shortages.


We’re keen to empower local businesses to grow by building the talent pool within their companies. To that end, we’re working with the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) to help businesses understand their skills needs.

Where the solution might initially appear to be about recruiting new employees, GLLEP can support businesses in developing their existing staff to meet future skills needs.

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Guaranteed Talent Pipeline

Even without our initiatives to boost the region’s skills, South Kesteven benefits from a diverse talent pool within the local workforce.

Consistently high attainment levels in its schools and the presence of two colleges in Grantham and Stamford provide a steady stream of capable, highly motivated candidates. And the district’s enviable connectivity ensures a wide catchment of talent from nearby cities.

This, combined with the proximity of six universities, ensures that employers in South Kesteven can recruit high calibre, work-ready employees straight from school, higher education and the wider labour market.

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We’ve recruited some of our radio frequency engineers and software engineers directly from university. As well as cultivating a great, collaborative relationship with local universities, colleges and schools, we have a STEM ambassador, who works with local schools to promote engineering and the sciences. By forging relationships with organisations where there’s emerging capability, we hope that they become ‘feeders’ for local talent, which will be vital to our future success.

Danny Milligan, Managing Director, Park Air Systems