Webinar: DIY Tips for the ‘Vlog’down Webinar

Date & Time

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Webinar: DIY Tips for the ‘Vlog’down Webinar hosted by Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce


During the lockdown, it’s important to have your brand be seen in ways that captivate and engage. Creating video content sounds like it should be easy, but those who try often find that it is not as easy at it seems.


Ash Wilks, director at Lincoln-based video production company Wallbreaker will be presenting this special webinar to ensure your video content is top-notch and gets the engagement it deserves.


Topics include: – How to film the best quality videos from home. – Tell a story with your videos, don’t sell. – Optimise where you use and post your videos.


Ash Wilks is a perfectionist, video producer and company director at Wallbreaker; THE video production company that engages audiences, enhances brands and ensures an ROI. Ash and the rest of his team are dedicated storytellers who strongly believe that people buy with emotion and justify their purchasing decisions with logic.


Following this mantra, the team pour their hearts and souls into producing creative video content for their clients by leveraging humour and joy; surprise and excitement; empathy and other emotions to generate a strong emotive response from the viewer. This strategy has allowed them to produce impressive results from local SMEs to international Blue-Chip companies.


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