Webinar: Halifax COVID-19, HR and Health & Safety

Date & Time

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
9:00 am - 11:30 am


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Webinar: Halifax COVID-19, HR and Health & Safety

Citation is hosting a free, interactive Webinar for Business owners and Directors built around how to protect your business during this unprecedented period of fast-moving change.

The impact of coronavirus is proving to be one of the biggest challenges business owners have ever had to face. Plus, the introduction of the government’s Good Work Plan presents some huge updates employers now have to contend with.

Did you know…?

– 9 in 10 employers did not have emergency plans in place to deal with a global pandemic. How prepared is your business to face the ongoing impact of COVID-19?

– The massive employment law changes that form the government’s Good Work Plan need to have been implemented by 6 April 2020 – have you done this yet?

– That keeping on top of your HR and Health & Safety compliance can help to futureproof and safeguard your business?

Citation know that a lot of other businesses are finding our sessions beneficial so why not join this free, interactive Webinar? They will also be covering HR and Health & Safety policies, contracts, handbooks, risk assessments, sickness absence and more.

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