Webinar: Lessons from Lockdown - Cashflow & Supply Chains

Date & Time

Wednesday, June 3, 2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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Webinar: Lessons from Lockdown – Cashflow & Supply Chains hosted by Actif RSV Ltd


Join us for our weekly Corona Virus Support Webinars with Leigh Sear and Meryl Levington from the Building Business Resilience Project working across the East Midlands.


This is a virtual lunchbreak and the chance to learn about protecting and supporting your business during the COVD 19 Crisis and the various government schemes and initiatives that are available to small businesses and their employees.


This week Meryl and Leigh will be looking at how to manage your cashflow whilst keeping customers and suppliers happy. It can be a delicate juggling act ensuring you have enough stock to meet customer demand and being able to afford to buy in supplies, especially if they have to come from overseas and take weeks to arrive, or they are perishable and have a limited shelf life.

We will be sharing tips and techniques and information we have gathered in working with many businesses as well as ours but we also want to hear your stories on how you have managed and what supply chain agreements you have in place.


Please share with us your experiences both good and bad. We will also touch on how business owners can protect themselves from legal challenges from customers, suppliers and staff by carefully checking contracts, agreements and terms and conditions.


The webinar will run through Zoom so you will need to download the app on a phone or tablet or watch through a PC with a camera speaker/or headphones a mic Hope you can join us for a virtual lunch – and feel free to listen in with your actual lunch


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