Webinar: Making IT work for your Business

Date & Time

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Webinar: Making IT work for your Business hosted by E-Factor


Until recently the thought of hosting an online meeting with work colleagues, customers and suppliers was probably not foremost in the mind of many business leaders and their workforce.

This interactive webinar will allow you to build upon the exposure and use of these technologies as a catalyst to harness the power of Information Technology and how it can transform your business for the better.


“Out of Adversity Comes Opportunity” and the aim of this session is to expose some of the potential deficiencies in your current information technology and help you understand what potential lies within innovation and well put together business systems.


None of us know what we don’t know and rather than returning to the old ways of working where we are too busy to explore ways in which we can release time in our enterprises for more profitable pursuits, why not take a little time to make your future business life a little easier?


I will be covering areas such as:


1. Acknowledging we don’t know what we don’t know and why we might miss out on opportunities.

2. Understanding how we build our attitudes towards technology and why things can go wrong. 3. The basic principles of high performance, reliable and secure IT systems.

4. How to compare how you use technology to what is possible.

5. How releasing more time in your business can add significant value and prosperity.


How can this session add value to you and your business? Technology has evolved to save time and deliver convenience to our lives and this session is designed to allow participants to consider new ideas and ways of thinking which will lead to them having a better chance of reaching or maintaining their personal business objectives and desired lifestyle.


The session is being delivered by Glenn Thow, CEO of the LCS Group, one of the region’s leading IT Services companies delivering innovative solutions and support for SME and corporate clients across the UK for over 25 years. Glenn understands explicitly the ingredients that go into building information technology platforms blended with business processes that contribute to enterprises being more successful in their sector. Building a successful business in his own right, Glenn has the commercial experience and understanding of exploiting technology for success. That said he delivers the message in a non-technical and non-jargonistic manner that allows business owners to make smart informed decisions.


Event Eligibility:

Our new GAIN webinars are entirely FREE to attend and designed to support businesses based in Greater Lincolnshire, UK. Additional support is available from our Advisors either over the phone or through video chat, which may lead to opportunities for grant aid. Please email [email protected] or contact E-Factor on 01472 252780