Date & Time

Wednesday, June 3, 2020
10:00 am - 11:30 am


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Webinar: POST COVID-19 LOCKDOWN SUPPLY CHAIN ASSESSMENT hosted by Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre


Circle2Success and MTC working together to support the manufacturing & engineering sector through these troubled times.


We have created a web event to help answer many of the questions manufacturers have today – How do I move my business forward successfully? What does the future hold for my business? Join us to get answers to your questions and expert advice on how to deal with the ‘New Norm’.

Mapping your supply chain post lockdown.


Have you reviewed and assessed your supply chain. With an uncertain future for many now is the time to reassess your supply chain and ask yourself the following questions:


Will it be possible to use the same suppliers? Will they be reliable? Is there a better option?


Have you considered the following and what’s is your risk assessment and continuity plan?


• Value

• Location

• Logistics

• Administration

• Process

• Efficiency

• Performance

• Complexity

• Reliability and Flexibility

• Cost

• Risk & Vulnerability




We will help you map out the above, explore your weaknesses, look at new opportunities and emerging markets, step into the shoes of those businesses that are not ready and capture new opportunities, be prepared, communicate with customers and develop a strong communication strategy.


Develop an action plan


We will help you develop an action plan that is robust and reduces vulnerability, safeguarding your future, looking at the following:


• Performance Criteria

• Stock Control

• Value

• Make or Buy Policy

• Re-shoring

• Collaboration

• Suppliers

• Asset-Tracking


• Digital

• Value Engineering & Design


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