Webinar: The Regeneration Game

Date & Time

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Webinar: The Regeneration Game hosted by the Festival of Enterprise


Limited to 10 people this interactive 1-hour online workshop is designed to get you thinking!

So, what are the 6R’s?


Whilst this is Covid specific, we will discuss when is the right time to return to work and what pressures that return might bring.


When was the last time you reflected on your aspirations, values, culture, purpose and vision both professionally and personally? At a time of enforced absence from the daily grind, this is an ideal opportunity to do this and renew all of these.


Few business owners take the time to review outside influences on their business. We will discuss the current effects of social, technological, eco and political pressures and what might happen in the future; this will help you to re-orient within the new “normal”.


We look at 7 major areas of your business and facilitate how you can review your previous, current and future business model to start identifying new market opportunities to refresh your offering.


We examine the strengths and opportunities that currently exist in your business and help you take a fresh look in the mirror to ensure you can align opportunities with capabilities. This will help revive your strategic decision making and clarity of direction.


We look at what personal qualities you need and the actions to take to make it all happen. Arguably the most difficult step, so we also discuss planning and implementation. We will also be giving away some free tools and resources to make this final stage a little easier!

Previous attendees:

“For any business that’s looking to grow, weather a storm or open up new ways of doing business, I’d absolutely recommend this workshop in the strongest terms I could think of. Brilliant stuff. ” Nick Pilgrim, Cinerobota

“Simply fantastic! Had a wonderful session… really helped me understand things I can put in place to protect the business, as well as understanding my emotions behind it! Cannot recommend enough! Just brilliant.” Zoe Conning, Amplo Lettings

Please note this workshop is limited to 10 attendees who will be selected based on their eligibility. Successful candidates will be notified by Friday 31st July.

Speakers: Shane Stark and Martin Williamson – Directors, Business Doctors

Martin became a Business Doctor after spending many years specialising in insolvency and business recovery work (most of that with two of the “Big Four” accountancy practices). In 2002, Martin became a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and formed his own independent insolvency and business recovery practice based in Stoke on Trent.

From handling the smallest of companies and individuals, to dealing with large corporate restructuring, Martin has worked with clients of all sizes and sectors with a range of different issues. This has included running and selling businesses, constructing and negotiating deals, and investigating and advising on the viability of a business and its restructuring. Whilst he can quite happily handle larger clients, his specialty is assisting SME’s as they often can’t afford the costs of the bigger firms when advice and help is needed!

It was a natural progression to become a Business Doctor and use the skills and experience he has gained in over 30 years identifying and dealing with the “pain” points experienced by SME’s. It gives him the opportunity to apply his passion for business and help business owners to discover their full potential, and then go on to achieve it.

Having run his own business for over 17 years, Martin completely understands all the potential loneliness, frustration, and (on the flip side!) rewards felt by a business owner when they are trying to “make it happen!”

When not working, and now that the kids are all grown up, Martin can be found out and about with his beloved Bedlington Terriers, or on an occasional city break with his wife Sue.

Shane Stark joined the Business Doctors team with 25 years’ experience of managing businesses in a wide variety of sectors. Shane has helped organisations develop and deliver key strategies.

Graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Finance and Economics, Shane started his career in the U.S. working for a family owned business. Before moving on to help the European expansion of one of the largest companies in the world.  The ability to develop strategy, people, and products has underpinned Shane’s success at every level of his career.

Shane enjoys using his business knowledge to provide practical advice, support and coaching to small and medium sized businesses.  Working together to develop or improve business models that maximise returns from the assets and talent available.

“I want to help business owners develop business partners inside and outside their business that will deliver the right level of returns for the owner’s level of commitment and create a model that is sustainable with or without the owner’s involvement.”

With a young family, Shane spends most of his free time driving his children to music lessons, football matches and school events, but always able to find time to explore the hills and see the sights and towns of Shropshire.