A vital part of InvestSK’s remit is to support and deliver heritage regeneration across South Kesteven. In collaboration with South Kesteven District Council, local businesses, civic and community groups, we’re unlocking the potential of the district’s enviable heritage to generate growth and create prosperity.

South Kesteven’s rich heritage goes far beyond the stone, bricks and mortar of its ancient monuments, grand stately homes and castles, glorious churches, historic market squares and listed buildings. The district is brimming with stories of discovery, exploration and invention and residents who have changed the world and shaped our understanding of the universe.

Well managed, heritage plays a key role in place-making, supporting cultural identity and community cohesion, creating an atmosphere in which people want to live, work and visit. By celebrating and promoting South Kesteven’s incredibly rich history, our programme of heritage regeneration is breathing new life into ancient streets.

Nationally heritage generates £29 billion GVA , and research commissioned by the Heritage Lottery Fund has shown that for every £1 spent during a heritage visit 68p is spent in local businesses other than the attraction itself.

The spending associated with, dependent on or attracted to heritage boosts economic prosperity, enabling businesses to thrive. This direct link between heritage regeneration and business growth is highlighted in the Historic England report Heritage and the Economy (2018), with 25% of businesses confirming that investment in the historic environment has led to increased turnover.

Heritage and business are intrinsically linked; according to the same report, in 2017, 21% of the owners of listed buildings operated commercial activity from their property . Our successful shop front improvement scheme is a partnership between South Kesteven District Council and Historic England. By restoring or reintroducing historic or traditional features to shops in Grantham’s town centre, shop front regeneration is reinvigorating commercial properties across the town, and supporting many local independent businesses.

Heritage Alive!

InvestSK’s Heritage Alive! website is our dedicated heritage resource for the district. Hosting a wealth of information about South Kesteven, it provides an in depth understanding of the district’s unique history.

As well as promoting the district’s lively programme of events available here, the website contains links to a volunteer board, latest news, fascinating articles and a variety of other resources exploring the people and places that made South Kesteven.

Active links between the Discover South Kesteven and Heritage Alive! websites make it a useful resource for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the history of the events, monuments or places in the district. In many ways, Heritage Alive! is more than just a website; it’s an active community, providing a forum for contributions and enabling enthusiasts to share their passion for all the amazing heritage South Kesteven has to offer.

Major Heritage Funding

Heritage Alive! features useful information about major heritage funding bodies, including:

National Lottery Heritage Fund
The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF)
The Wolfson Foundation
Church Care
Historic England

While it covers some of the major funders, the list is far from exhaustive. There are many other charities and foundations which provide grants for heritage restoration, conservation, interpretation, and engagement. The Heritage Alliance and the Architectural Heritage Fund maintain a directory of UK funders which includes many funding bodies. The Heritage Funding Directory is easily searchable, freely available and can be found online here.

Applications are now closed for this financial year.

Small grants fund

This will not only stand to preserve one of England’s most beautiful towns, but also serves to underline our commitment to protecting South Kesteven’s extraordinary heritage.


One of a range of community led heritage projects InvestSK is supporting in Grantham is ‘Sacred Space, Common Ground’. We’re working with the St Wulfram’s Partnership to support the development of this ambitious project, which will be the focal point of Grantham’s proposed ‘Heritage Quarter’.

A place of pilgrimage and worship for 1,000 years, St Wulfram’s Church has been a centre for the community throughout its history; holding fairs and markets, festivals and concerts, and providing shelter and solace to visitors and locals alike.

The Sacred Space, Common Ground project will create new community facilities for Grantham residents and champion social enterprise projects, all while revealing and conserving some of St Wulfram’s hidden gems. These include the Trigge Library, the first public library in the country, which was founded in 1598 and which may well have been visited by a young Sir Isaac Newton while he was at school nearby.


Stunning Georgian facades of honey coloured limestone set Stamford apart. One of the finest stone towns in England, Stamford is much loved by residents and visitors alike.

It’s been home to many notable figures throughout its history, including the Cecil family who served as advisors to generations of British royalty including Elizabeth I and James I, and who were responsible for the construction of Burghley House.

The remarkable preservation of the historic fabric of the town has proved popular with numerous film makers and the town has provided a backdrop to many period dramas including the BBC adaptation of George Elliot’s ‘Middlemarch’ and adaptations of Jane Austin’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

In 2017 Stamford celebrated the 50th Anniversary of it becoming the nation’s first conservation area, and in 2018 South Kesteven District Council granted this ancient town further protection by enacting an Article 4 direction which requires additional permissions for work which would otherwise be considered permitted development.

This will not only stand to preserve one of England’s most beautiful towns, but also serves to underline our commitment to protecting South Kesteven’s extraordinary heritage.

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