Thriving Sectors

South Kesteven is a thriving region located in Lincolnshire and has some world-class businesses based in the area. The quality and quantity of the land has ensured that South Kesteven is one of the most important regions in the UK in terms of agricultural and horticultural production, and its food manufacturing and processing industries are also hugely important. However it also has a growing reputation for attracting and retaining businesses from a variety of industry sectors including financial services, the digital and creative sector, and advanced manufacturing.

Financial Services

A number of leading financial services companies have their headquarters in the South Kesteven area. The combination of cost effective office space, a skilled and motivated workforce and affordable housing makes it ideal for any financial services organisation wanting to move to the region. For example Totemic, a leading payments solutions, debt management, insurance and lending firm are based in Grantham.


South Kesteven has a long and rich history in the engineering sector dating back over one hundred years. Whether it was the Cutting brothers setting up their Electrical Engineering business in Stamford in 1904, Raymond Mays setting up BRM racing cars who won the World Championships in 1962 through to Winfield Engineering ltd a well established laser cutting, fabrication, welding, machining and profiling company based in Grantham.


South Kesteven is perfectly positioned for access to both domestic and international markets, with mainline railway links to London and the north of England, easy access to ports and directly positioned on the A1 motorway.


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Agri Food

Agri food is an important sector for South Kesteven and many of its neighbouring districts within Lincolnshire. Agriculture and horticulture contribute more than £5 billion Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy each year and employ more than half a million people, mostly in rural areas. In Lincolnshire more than 1 in 10 people are currently employed in food and farming, and together they contribute nearly 13% of the county’s GVA, which equates to more than £1 billion each year.


The county’s food and farming sector is not just of importance to the people of Lincolnshire, nearly a quarter of all land used for horticulture in England is in Lincolnshire and for peas, beans, vegetables and salads the proportion is higher.


South Kesteven is home to many farms, food production and food processing companies.