New Signage Points the Way to a Better Visitor Experience

New and refurbished signs were unveiled in South Kesteven’s four historic market towns this week as work was completed on a district council project to support local businesses by boosting the number of visitors.

The first phase, to repaint fingerpost signs in Bourne, Stamford and Market Deeping was completed in August, while the installation of the large wayfinding board-style signs took place in Grantham, Stamford and Bourne last week.

Evidence shows that other towns across the UK installing these types of signs have reported a rise in footfall for small businesses, as visitors are encouraged to spend more time, and, therefore, more money, exploring an area.

The new signs highlight the retail, cultural and leisure facilities in our market towns, as well as highlighting the rich and historic sites across South Kesteven.

The project is funded by South Kesteven District Council (SKDC), with support from Bourne and Stamford town councils, Bourne Business Club, Deepings Business Club, Stamford Civic Society and train operator, London North Eastern Railway (LNER).

SKDC Cabinet Member for Growth, Cllr Helen Goral, said:

“We are very lucky to have so much to offer in all four of our market towns, the whole of South Kesteven is just brimming with rich history and heritage.  I hope that by enabling visitors to our towns to find their way around, and learn a bit more about what we have to offer, we can improve their experience and encourage more people to visit, supporting our local shops and businesses as they spend their time exploring what we have to offer.”

The programme of work has been delivered by InvestSK, the Council’s economic growth and regeneration company.

Steve Bowyer, CEO at InvestSK, said: “I’m pleased that InvestSK was able to lead this collaborative project between South Kesteven District Council and LNER to deliver a high-quality scheme of signage that enhances public spaces in our towns.

“By investing in more detailed maps and signage in our market towns, we’re hoping to see an increase in footfall which will be good for local businesses and our attractions, as well as encouraging a wider variety of companies to set up here. It will also showcase to local people how much South Kesteven has to offer and give them a sense of the special character of the place.

Cllr Goral added that the Council was very grateful to all the partners who supported the project.  She said: “Often, it is by working together that we can deliver something that really benefits our district. We have much to celebrate in South Kesteven, hopefully the new signs will help us to shout about it a little bit louder.”

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