South Kesteven’s Economy

South Kesteven is a large, thriving Lincolnshire district at the heart of England, encompassing more than 80 rural villages and four market towns: Grantham, Stamford, Market Deeping and Bourne.

Strategically located beside the A1 and the East Coast high speed mainline, South Kesteven’s connectivity with the rest of the UK makes it a prime spot for investment and doing business.

With rolling hills and beautiful stone villages, excellent education facilities, great housing and a diverse, growing, economy. South Kesteven is the perfect place to grow a business and bring up a family.

South Kesteven is home to a population of 141,700 people, 59.4% of which are of working age. The economy of South Kesteven features a diverse mix of sectors and is made up of 5,920 businesses which combine to produce a GVA of c.£2.7bn a year, operating at a productivity level of £43,590 per worker.

By employment, South Kesteven’s largest sectors are Manufacturing, Health, and Retail/Wholesale, with Professional and Scientific and Technical featuring as the largest sector based on the number of business units, followed by Construction.

However, the latter two sectors only account for 10% of the district’s total jobs compared to 50% for Manufacturing, Health and Retail/Wholesale.

South Kesteven exhibits an above average economically active population, reflecting an active and thriving economy. With average workplace earnings of £453.20, and below average commercial property and land costs, South Kesteven remains an affordable place to invest and run a business.

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