Sports & Physical Activity

Sports & Physical Activity

InvestSK is working to enable and encourage greater uptake in regular physical activity for the residents of South Kesteven.


For this to be achieved, work is being completed in the wider context to ensure both urban and rural communities are represented, reaching across all demographics. The team is working collaboratively with local sports clubs and organisations, encouraging access to our communities with inclusive provision. A target area for this – and that of the Active Lincolnshire ‘Let’s Move’ campaign, of which South Kesteven is a partner – is the inactive, those doing less than 30 minutes of activity per week. Linking with schools for productive sharing of skills and resources, is equally important.


Communication for sports and physical activity is to be developed, for clubs, organisations and schools to share information on provision, events and projects that are happening within our district. Therefore, promoting the ample opportunities available to encourage frequent participation across all ages and abilities.


Along with enabling clearer communication and partnership working, InvestSK is;

  • Creating meaningful and fun projects to contribute to the reduction in physical inactivity
  • Supporting promotional and public engagement events, such as the work towards South Kesteven’s Cultural Strategy
  • Developing safe, child-friendly junior groups to build work done by local sports teams, schools and leisure providers to engage young people in our communities to grow up with a positive attitude to physical activity.


To find out more about our work to improve sports and physical activity levels in South Kesteven, or to get involved, please get in touch.

InvestSK Sports & Physical Activity
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